February 14, 2011

Ready? Set? Go!

That's what my boss always says to me at the end of a project meeting. It always make me smile because I know he means it.

I'm starting to fall head over heels for all things paper - outside of work. I've dealt with paper at work everyday for 10+ years. Seeing what can be done has opened my eyes to what I can do at home and visa versa. My worlds are meshing even more. I like what it allows me to go at work and I love that I can get inspired by the projects we have at work when I'm at home.

I just want to keep track of discovering along the way the good and the bad. I've spent TONS of time on several other blogs, been inspired, learned some tricks, tried a few things. But the funny thing is, I want more.

I hope this blog helps some of you just getting started so we can learn along the way together.

Am I ready? Yup.
Am I set? I think so.
Now it's time to go!

Take a look at my first project from Christmas. I had a great time making these little boxes that hold Hershey Nuggets. I have to admit, I ate a lot the lil buggers while I was working. I learned about the idea from the papercrafter that actually got me thinking that papercrafting might be something for me. It came on YouTube from Tresa Black. She is fabulouslyartsy.com. Thanks, Tresa!

I've had a few people ask for step by step instructions on the box.
Here's the video that got me hooked:


  1. OMG, I had no idea, I thought you bought those. So cool, you did fabulous.

  2. So cool Holly! You are very talented!

  3. So cute! I too paper craft. We should swap ideas.

  4. I love your cards--super beautiful! We started blogging just a day apart! It's nice to see someone else who was a long-time lurker-turned blogger like me! :)