February 22, 2011

A Valentine's Day Trinket

Forgive me. I know Valentine's Day is over but I gave one of these as a small gift and so I couldn't post it before "the day".

I promise to start posting process pictures so you can see how the projects come together. I'm learning

These two were fun. I borrowed this idea from another papercrafter's blog only she used it to package up some cute Valentine's Day candy gifts. http://www.kerryspapercrafts.com/?p=1152

I started by picking the pattern I wanted to use from the Eiffel Tower paper by Making Memories from their Je t'Adore Collection. I wanted the Eiffle Tower visible so I cropped it to that when I folded it up, you could see the top of it. I used my adhesive applicator to cover the back of it really well. I cut the solid colored card stock to size and then placed the patterned paper on it.

I then used my scoring tool to create two nice folds to create a bottom for it to be able to stand up. If you want a fold without the paper cracking, this is the way to do it. I then used my Creative Memories circle cutting tool to cut an oval for the lip balm to peek through.

I used adhesive dots to keep the top of it adhered to the back.

Then I went to making the embellishment. I punched a large scalloped circle out of Stardream's metallic cream linen cardstock. I then found another piece of the patterned paper and cut a smaller scalloped circle. Cutting a circle from the cream tulle, I folded it up into a small cone four times (like you do when you make a paper snowflake) and then trimmed it into a heart. While it was still folded up, I grabbed it in the center with one hand and spread it out with the other. I then attached it to the back of the smaller scalloped circle. And then the larger scalloped circle behind that.

I embellished it with a few things I had on hand and stuck them on with Glossy Accents - one of my new favorite adhesives. It dries clear and is VERY permanent. The only downfall is that it does take some time to dry and it does not work well on ribbon (I learned that the hard way).

Here's the other one I did. You can see that it's a different size but it does the same thing.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. So cute Holly! You should start linking up these projects to some of the craft bloghops!
    Tidy Mom, Frou Frou Decor, and Simply Sweet Home have them on Fridays....I know Blue Cricket and a lot more (names escaping me right now) have them weekly as well!