April 27, 2011

Something Not-So-Christmas

So I've been crankin' away on Christmas projects for the Paper Crafts Magazine Holiday issue. It was fun since I love Christmas so much but honestly, I'm a little worn down. Be that as it may, I've still already started on the next deadline (May 9) and saw that Paper Crafts is doing a Card A Day publication for 2011 and are looking for cards for all kinds of holidays. So...guess what I'll be working on over the next few weeks? I have some ideas on new projects but I'm not going to wear myself too thin. (And all my friends who know me say, "I'll see it when I believe it" now.)

Anyway, here's a little break from the holidays. I'm not sure who its for but I figure if there's someone who needs this card, it'll be ready and waiting!

I really love the trend in butterflies lately. They're peaceful, serene, beautiful and uniquely shaped. I hope you like it too!

And now? Bedtime!

Nighty Night!


  1. Love the papers you used here - the wonderful colors and embossing!

  2. Love the embossing and the papers are so pretty. The submission process gets pretty crazy, doesn't it? ;)