June 12, 2011

Not a Fluke!

Happy Sunday! Today was a bit of a slow day which I'm happy for since looking at the rest of June and into July, its gonna get hectic! Bryan actually printed a calendar and posted it on the fridge so we could keep track of all the events and things going on. I can see the summer slipping away already!

Today, I learned that my ability to complete a card in an afternoon wasn't a fluke.

Are you ready to hear what I achieved today? Drum roll, please...THREE! So happy with progress!

I do have a bit of motivation in that Paper Crafts is doing Gallery Idol and I'm trying to enter as many cards as I can to give myself a chance at getting into the top 20. That's the goal this year...make the first round.

So here's the first one:

I hate how dark my photos are. Bryan keeps telling me I need to set up a box to shoot with. He's right, I know but I just haven't had the time to look for one. Maybe I can take a quick trip to the local camera shop this week to get a small box to help me get better images.

When I started this, I knew that I wanted to cut a little window out of the front and stamp the sentiment on the inside.

I trimmed the yellow piece on the inside and stuck it to my card first.Then I trimmed the two pieces on the front together. After stamping the text background and frame (and distressing all the edges on the two pieces), I used a light adhesive to keep them together and then I trimmed the oval with my X-acto blade. I use them so much at work that its easier for me to use that than a pair of scissors sometimes.

Then I stamped the sentiment. I did stamp onto some scrap of the yellow background paper first to make sure the ink I chose would show up but not be too prominent. I wanted all the elements on the card to blend together. I hate it when I use an ink that's slightly off color and realized it after I've stamped it.

I'm saving the other two cards for posts next week so check back in to get a peek!

Have a great week!

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  1. Very pretty...love the way you can see the sentiment through a punch out in the front. Very nice. :)