June 13, 2011

Sweet in Pink

Some childhood friends just had their third little girl last night which was the inspiration for the today's card. I will probably make another card just for them but last night's events inspired me. I think its so neat that they decided to be surprised by whether it was a boy or a girl - certainly something I could never be patient enough to do myself! So Sarah, Roger - congrats to you and your family. Your lil' Laila is one lucky girl to have parents (and sisters) like you.

The thought of a sweet little baby girl, all snuggled up in pink with soft skin and the small cooing noises they make made me happy. So I got to work on this card, sweet in pink and white.

I actually giggled when I added the little pink bow to my card. It reminds me of the bows moms creatively stick to their little girls' heads when they are just days, weeks, sometimes months old.

After embossing the white cardstock, I actually added some Liquid Pearls to each dot. And then I just let it dry for a few hours before adding the tulle and all the other pieces.

When I'm adding tulle or layering white on white like this, I like to avoid getting the adhesive too close to the edge so the paper looks like its floating a little. Foam dots add too much dimension, even the 1/16" ones. This way, there's just a little bit of shadow that shows the edge of the focal point and serves a little like a frame which I really love.

And of course, this too is going into the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I love all of your Gallery Idol cards, but I think this one is my favorite! It's *perfect* for a baby card (or a wedding shower, too)...it's so elegant!!